Is this a universal adapter?
While we have tried to make this as universal as possible, not all warm air heating units have been tested. Known to be compatible with Bair Hugger model # 505 and 675.

What are the dimensions of the KennelAdapt?
12.7cm (5") in length, 7.1cm (2.8") external diameter. Internal dimensions for hose attachment end: 6cm diameter x 3.7cm deep.

What size kennel bars can it fit through?
The flexible silicone material allows for placement in kennel bars as small as 1 inch wide and 2 7/8 inch tall.

What is the KennelAdapt made of?
It is made of durable food-safe silicone.

What if a patient eats part of the KennelAdapt?
KennelAdapt is made of non-toxic food-safe silicone. Ingestion of any part of this product could be a choking or obstruction hazard, seek immediate veterinary advice.

What forms of payment do you accept?
Web-based (CC, ACH) only this time.

What is the cost: To be determined.

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