A Journey of Dedication

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The creation of our groundbreaking product has been a long process, marked by Dr. O'Donnell's deep understanding of the critical needs in emergency veterinary care. The idea has been brewing over time, with two prototypes crafted before arriving at the final solution. Driven by a passion for improving the safety of hospitalized patients and efficiency of nursing care; this innovation stands as a testament to her commitment to excellence in veterinary medicine.

Introducing our patient
warming safety solution:

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Elevate the standard of post-anesthesia and critical care for your patients with our innovative KennelAdapt© a game-changer in ensuring their safety during anesthetic recovery or critical illness.

Effortless Integration
KennelAdapt© is an ingenious adapter for warm air heating units that snugly fits through kennel doors without impeding the flow of warmth, all while securely closing the kennel door. By utilizing our product, you can securely close the door, fostering a secure environment and mitigating liability risks. Experience uninterrupted warmth while providing a safe environment for patient recovery.


Versatile Applications
In general practice, KennelAdapt© proves invaluable post-op (spay/neuters, etc.), after dental procedures, following sedated treatments, and for incoming sick pets or even neonates. In specialty/ER settings it becomes essential after emergency surgery, advanced imaging (MRI/CT), anesthetic procedures like endoscopy and to warm the critically ill patient.

Innovative Design Advantages
KennelAdapt© stands out from other products on the market. Unlike those that hang on the horizontal portion of kennel bars or employ a two-piece system with foam, KennelAdapt© offers a secure, one-piece design. The silicone material ensures the hose and blanket adhere securely. The KennelAdapt© has exterior features that prevent blanket slippage.

Nurse-Friendly Installation
Designed with the veterinary nurse in mind, KennelAdapt© provides a quick and easy installation process. The flexibility of the design allows adjustments for patients of varying sizes and positions.

Durable, Flexible, and Secure
KennelAdapt© is not only secure but also flexible, durable, and easy to clean. Tested rigorously for over a year in a 24-hour specialty hospital, it has proven to be indispensable and reliable in real-world scenarios.

Vet Adapt Product
Upgrade your patient care standards with KennelAdapt©. Ensure the safety, comfort, and speedy recovery of your patients. Because every pawprint deserves the best care.
Dr. Shana O'Connell

Meet Dr. Shana O'Donnell, DVM

A proud native of eastern Washington, Dr. O'Donnell embarked on her journey in veterinary care, earning her bachelor's degree in Animal Science with highest honors from Washington State University in 2006. Her passion for the field led her to achieve her DVM degree from the same institution in 2010.

After completing her academic endeavors, Dr. O'Donnell ventured to Denver, Colorado, where she honed her skills through a comprehensive,

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